Teach Kids Shapes, Colors, and Counting with some of the Best Education Toys

Teach Kids Shapes, Colors, and Counting with some of the Best Education Toys : Hello Guys. look at all the cool toys we have today we have one two three four different fall pounding tables that we're going to try out and see which one we like bet alright let's start playing let's play with this one first it has holes for one two three balls let's see if we can match the balls to the holes here's the first fall what color is this that's right it's green where should the green ball go here no that's blue here no that's yellow it should go here in the green circle.

Do you know what color this is yeah it's blue good job blue ball should go right here in the blue circle we have one last fall what color is this yellow yellow good job all right the yellow ball goes right there alright let's try it out let's tap each of the three Falls with this hammer and see if they go down the Kliq flex . that was the yellow ball now for the green one . and the last one is blue.

Teach Kids Shapes, Colors, and Counting with some of the Best Education Toys


 let's try to do all at once I know the green one got stuck now is I this one count the balls with me three balls that's right just like the last one this one has three balls let's try the blue ball whoa it goes around and around and around it's making me dizzy . now for the red ball . let's try the yellow ball there it goes . let's see if we can do all three at the same time yellow red blue . that was fun now it's fine we tried this one over here this one looks really cool this one has one two three four ball that's more than the other ones we've tried what color is this wait it's screen that's right and the green ball goes here to match with the green side what color is this yellow it's yellow the yellow ball goes right here so let's put it there now we have this ball what color is this good job let's put the blue ball right here and our last ball is hey red good job and the red ball goes right here alright let's start with the green ball wow these click-clack cuz they go down now for the yellow one we have two more to go let's do the red one and here comes our last one whoo all right we have one more ball pounding meds to try and it's this one here not only does this one have one two three color football it also has a Silas phone with the colors of the rainbow there's red orange yellow green blue light blue purple and pink that's so cool let's find out how this work we need to take the xylophone and slide it in here and now when we tap the balls we can make music here's the green one and finally the red one oh that sounded really cool you can even put a ball inside and make your own music as the ball rolls over the keys and makes the sound cool let's put the balls back this one is blue and goes there this one is green and goes right there and finally the red one goes there good job all right now that we play with one two three four ball pounding tables what do we learn about them this one this one and this one have three balls each but each one does a different thing this one makes music this one makes the balls go round and around this one has click-clack colors and this one has four balls and they go around this power and come out here that's really cool each one is a lot of fun which one did you like the best let me know.

 hey guys look we have Tommy hiding squeak eggs there are six colorful and fun eggs inside and we're gonna take these little guys on an adventure with our super fun tayo parking deck let's start with this egg what color is this green that's right let's start with the green egg he looks like he's laughing all right green egg here he goes well look at it roll next how about this one what color egg is this it's pink that's right good job this one is sleeping let's see if he wakes up when we roll them down the slide alright here we go let's switch the track for the slide and press go now it's this one's turn what color is this blue my favorite color and this one's got a happy pig and go whoa three eggs down and three to go let's try this one what color egg is this that's right a diello and this one looks like it's scared and a shouting oh no time to go down the slide here it goes whoa two eggs left what color is this one Oh purple that's right and this one looks like it's yelling really loud here we go Oh No then with the wrong way I forgot to change the track there we go now let's try oh it's stuck there you go down it goes here we go with one more egg what color is this oh it's orange and this one is licking its list maybe it's hungry count with me 3 2 1 go here's our last egg do you remember how many eggs we did can you count with me . forward proud six good job there are six eggs they're so smart now let's crack open the eggs to see the chicks inside orange yellow purple Green Team and last chick blue yellow orange do you guys notice something about this carton there are shapes hard triangle star square cross and circle I wonder what they mean let's take a look at a chick what about this one oh there's a shape on the bottom of it that must mean that this heart goes in that heart there let's try it.

alright how about this one it's a circle let's put the circle right there perfect this one has a square let's put the square over here good job now we have the cross the cross goes right there . let's try the blue one this one has a star let's put the star right here the last one is a triangle I'll bet the pink one has a triangle where right let's put it here . we put all six chicks back in the egg carton good job guys all right I need you guys to help me with one more thing we need to put the egg shells back on these eggs where does this one go hmm on the orange one there we go how about this one it's pink so it should go on the pink one how about this green one it goes over here on the green chick how about this one it's blue let's put it on the blue chick now we have the purple one let's put it right here in the middle last one and it's the yellow one it goes on the yellow chick great job guys I hope you guys enjoyed the post and always remember you are awesome today we're going to play at the playground and we're going to invite some of our friends who live in this house the house has four doors one two three and four one for each of our friends who's behind the blue door let's ring the doorbell the door is locked we need to use a key let's find the key that matches this door this door is number one so we use the number one key put the key in the lock turn the key and now the door is open and we have our friend John hi John do you want to play with us today yeah you bet let's get more of our friends . who's behind the red number 2 door ring the bell again the door is locked we need to use a key let's find the key for this door the number 2 key now the door is unlocked oh look at Evan would you like to play yeah now for our friend behind the number three door this door is purple who's behind the purple number three let's ring the bell they need the key to open the door let's find the number three there it is number three key oh look it's Sarah would you like to come place the playground yeah all right let's go now for our last door who is behind the green number four let's ring the doorbell . now let's use the number four key for the number four door . look it's Jane would you like to go play at the playground - sounds fine all right let's go here comes John Evan Jane and Sarah to the playground Jane wants to go down the slide John and Sarah want to go on the merry-go-round whoa this is fun Evan wants to go on the swing here he goes John and Jane are going to go down the slide together whoa be careful climbing John I know he's going down headfirst whoa Evans climbing up the play with Sarah hi Sarah everybody had a fun time at the playground but now it's time to go home let's help everybody find their way back into their home do you remember who lives in the green number four it's Jane Jane lives in the green number four let's help her get inside her house first we need the number four key unlock the door . here your Jane bye let's lock the door back. 

now for the purple number three who lives behind this door it's Sarah Cyril is behind the purple number three let's unlock the door for her we need the number three key . here you go Sarah we had fun playing . lock the door back we have two more who lives behind the red number two it's Evan Evan lives in the red number two we need the number two key here you go Evan see you later . alright John we've got to find your house do you live in the blue number one yeah alright let's let him in the blue number one I have the number one key that unlocks this door there you go John thanks for playing alright everybody I hope you had as much fun playing with our new friends as I did I will see you guys soon bye let's learn colors with this giant marble maze . why good . yeah . okay . . Oh Thanks . right Remo . let's build this awesome ice cream truck and open up our own ice cream shop look at these few figures that comes with let's see what else is inside oh is it this cute . alright let's put it together these doors snap on like this now let's put the ice cream inside . let's open this up and see what ice cream will be selling whoa look at all this lots of different flavors alright let's find a good spot this looks good here's our first customer can I have a bubblegum ice cream with whipped cream on top coming right up here you go. what can I get you birthday cake your master a chocolate ice cream please you got it enjoy what can I get you I'll have the popsicle special please coming right up this one looks really good here you go hope you like it what would you like can I get a mint ice cream with grapes on top you got it . . Stiga can I help you can I have the fruit astok vanilla coming right up here you go can I help you can I have an orange and mint ice cream with grapes on top you got it enjoy what can I get you rainbow sickle please coming right up.

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